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Piano Lessons in Queens - Judy Watson Piano Teacher

Piano Lessons in Queens - Judy Watson

Best private piano teacher in NYC

Piano Lessons in Queens -

Piano Teacher in Queens - Judy Watson -

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Give yourself the gift of private piano lessons with Judy Watson

Enjoy life and music.

Taking private piano lessons will enrich your life in all aspects.

Listen to all kinds of music and expand your horizons.

Your music goals will help you aspire to a life fulfilled.

Judy Watson Piano Teacher

Private Piano and Keyboard Lessons in Judy Watson's comfortable home studio in Kew Gardens, Queens, New York.

Best deal in NYC one hour piano lessons you can afford. Now you can give the gift of one hour piano lessons. 

Half priced piano lesson is offered for the first piano lesson. 

Two children from the same family can share the hour piano lesson. 

Preferably, one family member takes the one hour piano lesson while the other sibling practices at Judy Watson's studio and then at the next piano lesson the other sibling  takes the hour piano lesson while the other one practices there.  This way each sibling gets the benefit of an hour piano lesson.

Judy Watson still offers an affordable one hour piano lesson because piano students deserve the benefits of an hour piano lesson. 

Whereas other piano teachers give only an half hour piano lesson for the same price and even charge higher to make money. Judy Watson makes it possible for you to enjoy an hour piano lesson.




Judy Watson teaches many  techniques for learning piano. You just have to have an open mind to explore them.

Many of Judy Watsons's piano students take piano lessons with her for many years. They develop a close relationship through music which inspires confidence.


NON-COMPETITVE JUNE PIANO RECITAL for Judy Watson's piano students to perform their year-end- song and for them to demonstate new piano skills mastered during the year.  

It's never too late to take private piano lessons with Judy Watson. If you took piano lessons, stopped, and would like to resume taking piano lessons, you are welcomed back to private piano lessons.

Judy Watson shares her music library with her piano students. Access to her music library saves you money and gives you a wide choice of music. (Songs you desire that are not included in her music library you contribute to and every piano student benefits).

Judy Watson simplifies songs that you want to play for no additional fee. Every piano student benefits from her providing this complimentary service for her piano students.

Judy Watson has a BA from Queens College and a MA from New York University. 

Judy Watson studied with Julliard piano instructors. 

Judy Watson is a highly experienced private piano teacher who has been teaching piano since 1984, for 34 years as of 2018.

References available upon request.

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Schedule your piano lesson right-a-way. The first piano lesson is half priced. Taking private piano lessons with Judy Watson will enhance your life through music.