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Judy Watson Private Piano Teacher

83-75 118th Street, Kew Gardens, Queens, New York, 11415, United Statesl

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Judy Watson believes that piano instruction should be enjoyable, built on a solid technical foundation, inspire creativity, and match one's individual goals. She provides her piano students with a music-enriched positive experience at every piano lesson. Learning the piano and keyboard has many proven benefits for other subjects pursued. Playing piano positively assists in children's development with their musical and educational endeavors. Playing piano enriches the lives of adults who desire to learn it. It is also for adults who seek an opportunity to return to piano lessons. Judy Watson offers adults the same affordable discounted hourly priced piano lesson as for children.  Parents can benefit from taking piano lessons by sharing the piano lesson with their young child or by taking piano lessons independently of their child. 


Judy Watson has been teaching piano lessons by private instruction since 1984, (34) thirty four years of experience in teaching piano and keyboard. She provides award-winning piano instruction to her students.Judy Watson has a BA from Queens College and an MA from New York University. Judy Watson studied with Julliard instructors.Judy Watson's Three Websites:Pianolessonsinqueens.com  Judywatsonpianoteacher.comQueenspianoteacher.com Even though Judy Watson has three websites, you can easily view it at: www.pianolessonsinqueens.comJudy Watson is motivated by her love of music as she passionately transfers her piano knowledge and skills to her piano students so their creativity and talent can shine.

Judy Watson's private piano teaching provides her piano students with a positive one-on-one musical experience. She instructs them with practical music theory, provides structured piano lessons, and encourages her student's musical creativity and improvisation. The piano lessons are geared towards her student's specific musical goals. She provides her piano students with a noncompetitive piano recital in June, (provided enough students participate). 

Judy Watson offers affordable ONE HOUR piano lesson whereas other piano teachers charge the same price  and even more for a half hour. By doing this she gives her students' all the benefits of ONE HOUR piano lessons  as they maximize their musical piano experience. You can give the gift of one hour piano lessons.This is the best deal for private piano lessons in New York City. Two family members can share the same hour. One can take the hour piano lesson while the other one practices at her place during the same time and then reverse the following week.Half priced first piano lesson. Call today to make an appointment for piano lessons with Judy Watson.Best way is to phone her.Cell: 718-702-5262Home: 718-441-9159


Judy Watson is motivated by her love of music as she passionately transfers her knowledge and skills to her piano students so their creativity and talent can shine.

"Life is like a piano.

What you get out of it

depends on how you play it!"

Life is a song. Love is the Music.

Music is the food of life and love.   The heart & soul of life is musically expressed by piano in celebration of life. 

Playing piano is also emotionally descriptive of all our human conditions expressed musically. 

Just like the song "Little Help From My Friends", by the Beatles, Judy Watson encourages her piano students to "sing-in-key"during the piano lessons.

The quickest way to reach 

Judy Watson is to call 718-702-5262 cell number or 

718-441-9159 home number. 

We encourage you to schedule a private piano lesson with Judy Watson today. Let the music experience enrich your life.

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Non competitive June piano recital



I am glad that Judy Watson is my piano teacher. I thank her for teaching me all about piano. I will never forget she has been my first piano teacher. 

P.S. I would like to play piano at Carnegie Hall one day - Edgar Zuniga Jr. - age 9

PS: Edgar Zuniga Jr. took piano lessons with Judy Watson for four years. He then was awarded free piano lessons with a Julliard piano instructor. When his family relocated to Salt Lake City, AZ, his dad asked her to send him some music and she glady did. She kept in touch with Edgar and his  family for many years. They exchanged numerous letters and cards over the years. She is proud of him for everything he accomplishes. He taught piano while attending high school.  He graduated from the University of Utah with a focus on journalism. He is a very gifted young man in all facets of life. He was offered the opportunity of an internship with NBC news that 1,600 Hispanics competed for the one position. She told him think you're the one. He had two NBC news interviews one in NYC and one in California. He aced the internship interviews and relocated from Utah to NYC. He was promoted to Atlanta, GA, back to NYC, then to Telemundo in Miami Beach, Florida. He is currently at Telemundo in NYC. She is glad she had the opportunity to know him and teach him piano starting as a young gifted boy. She is 30 years older than him. She consider him like a son, a piano student, and a dear friend. She is proud of all his accomplishments. 

PS: Judy Watson is proud of all her piano students!  


My son has been taking piano lessons for about 7 1/2 years with Judy Watson. I highly recommend her because she has patience with children, reasonable rates, and flexible hours. She's a dedicated professional and teaches a wide range of music. She uses the computer to keep lessons fresh - Toni Luddley 


My name is Sunny Lu. I am ten years old. I like my piano teacher Judy Watson because she is patient with me when I make mistakes and she gives me songs I like to play. 

She teaches me how to sing and play the song. I like when she makes the song easier to play. 

She teaches me to be creative at the piano. 

I enjoy watching music youtube videos with Judy seeing cats and dogs playing piano and keyboard, and watch dogs sing and play keyboard, and watch dogs sing opera and sing along with songs. 

I hope to play piano as well as she does. 

I enjoy being in the June piano recital as well.  


I have known Judy Watson for 14 years since I was  three years old. I spent every Saturday with her until I was seventeen. My younger sister Amanda joined in at the age of five and took piano lessons for thirteen years until she was eighteen. 

I began learning short one verse songs that I could easily remember at age three. 

As the years went on, Judy began adding verse after verse, page after page, I was amazed.

Learning piano can do wonders for a child and personally I think piano is the best choice. 

My sister Amanda learned clarinet as well as piano. 

Piano lessons introduces us to the musical world. It also helps us with brain development and improves our math skills. 

From Chopsticks to Billy Joel, there is no moment of boredom with Judy Watson. She has an ability to grasp her students by beginning with simpler, shorter melodies that push them to want to progress to more challenging pieces.


My sister and I have had the opportunity to learn typical classical songs (Beethoven, Mozart), but it didn't stop there. Judy exposed us to playing blues, jazz, pop songs, standard Spanish Latin songs, movie scores like Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Judy encourages her students to proud of their achievements by putting on an end of year non-competitive piano recital. Her students play one or two songs, performed sibling duets, and have discovered a passion for singing through the preparations for the June piano recital. 

Judy changed my life and my sister's life in ways I cannot even describe. I now use music as my getaway, a form of expression, and a soundtrack to my life. 

We both continue to use and understand the musical terms Judy has taught us, like: intro, verse, chorus, bridge, solo, outro, staccato, etc. 

My sister and I have developed an ear to identify notes and harmonies in every-day songs and music scores that enrich my daily experiences at home, school, work, or even at the movie theater.

Judy even supplied and went over Frank Sinatra piano sheet music so my sister could entertain residents at our local nursing home. 

We both love music - love playing piano and we owe it to our piano teacher Judy Watson. 

I can only hope my future children will have this amazing, music-enriched experience!

Daniella Puitiza and younger sister Amanda Puitiza


Future Pianists:

I thank Ms. Judy Watson for her patience for teaching me piano for thirteen years. I have learned a lot from her, not just in piano and music, but also in life lessons. She has been a wonderful piano teacher. Amanda Puitiza



It was a long time ago that my children Daniella and Amanda began piano lessons with Judy Watson. My daughter Daniella started in 1997 and took piano lessons for fourteen years with until seventeen years old. She stopped to enter college. My daughter Amanda joined in at age five and took piano lessons for thirteen years. 

Now, Amanda's piano lessons closes as she will be entering Hunter college. 

Every single Saturday at 9:00 AM was my daughters' time with Ms. Judy Watson. 

I thank her for everything she did for my two little girls. Both of them love music...as she taught them to do so. 

Music is a part of them and I am glad for that. 

It is my daughter Amanda's turn to go now..but she knows where Judy is. 

We wish our piano teacher Ms. Judy Watson always the best. We love her. 

Judy Watson is family to my family. Mirtha Puitiza


Dear Parents,

I highly recommend Judy Watson as a piano teacher for your children. She is very well educated and a gifted person. 

I took adult piano lessons with her for over four years. 

I have enjoyed performing at her June piano recitals.

Judy invited me as a guest to perform at the piano recital even though I stopped piano lessons. 

Judy is passionate about music. 

I sensed this right a way. Her love for the art of piano playing is evident in her enthusiastic variety of teaching piano techniques.

She is extremely patient with her piano students. 

Her prices are very affordable. I received excellent service for my money. 

It is my great pleasure to recommend Judy Watson to you as a private piano teacher. 

I am truly grateful to Judy for everything she has taught me through the years. Carolyn Brown


Future Pianists:

I took piano lessons with Judy Watson when I was a young child. I resumed piano lessons when I was attending high school. She teaches me how to play piano for a rock band and for performing at social events. 

She taught me to play by ear: learn chords, melodies, harmony, musical patterns, and improvising music.  

She is helping me with my goal of reading piano music proficiently. 

She teaches practical piano  music theory. 

She teaches us many different ways to learn piano. 

I am glad that I learn new things each piano lesson. 

I am very pleased that I am playing piano much better.

Marquise Naipaul - age 16


Dear Future Pianist,

I highly recommend my piano teacher, Judy Watson because if you go with her you learn piano easier and faster. Trying to learn other instruments won't be as good as learning piano because to play piano takes a number of years to learn.

Learning piano makes you smarter because it uses more of your brain cells and is an emotional expression of music.

With just some simple steps, Ms. Judy can show you how to play some songs you want to play.

Ms. Judy is the best piano teacher you will ever have. When I grow up, I want to be a great pianist. I especially enjoyed learning how to play "Do Want To Be A Snowman?" from the movie Frozen. 

First my sister took piano lessons with Ms. Judy and then I joined in. 

Ryan Chan - 9 years old




My young son Steven took piano lessons with Judy Watson for three years. Highly recommend. Very Professional and organized. Knows how to make children enjoy piano lessons. Very flexible. Steven Yakubov family


Future Pianists:

For some time, I have been taking piano lessons with Judy Watson. This time has been an unique learning experience.


Ms. Judy teaches at an hour rate that is a phenomenally low price when compared to the cost of many other piano teachers. 

Judy teaches a wide range of genres of piano music from everyday pop music to classical pieces. 

Judy goes beyond the standard way of teaching piano. She teaches piano using different useful strategies. Useful skills as playing from a fake sheet or a lead sheet. 

You will not find a piano teacher that consistently does this. 

She shows you how you can create your own piano music using the ideas you have learned. 

Judy has a kind personality. She is understanding of mistakes made and is very calm natured. 

Judy makes you feel right at home learning to play piano I could not have asked for a better piano teacher - Lisa Habe - age 12 


Dear Pianists,

My son Danny took piano lesson with Judy Watson.  She taught my son piano who has special needs. After my son stopped, I enjoyed the opportunity to learn piano as well. Judy and I became friends through the piano lessons. I glady participated in her June piano recitals by taking photos of her piano students and being part of the piano recital experience for Judy's piano students.  I even performed at the June recital while taking piano lessons with her. 

I highly recommend Judy Watson as a private piano teacher for you and your piano goals.

Judy Watson makes piano lessons enjoyable and practical.  Carol Day 

PS: Judy Watson appreciates her special and close friendship with Carol Day.

From teaching piano Judy Watson develops friendship especially with  adult piano students.


I did a school project about my piano teacher Judy Watson. I especially liked that my piano teacher Judy Watson simplifies songs so I can I sing and play songs I want to learn. 

I wish I could one day play as beautifully as she does. Elissa Mopper age 7


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Judy Watson loves her students just like they're family and provides them a comfortable home piano studio. Piano Lessons in Queens. Piano Teacher in Queens - Piano and Keyboard Lessons in Queens, NY, U.S.A.

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Judy Watson's comfortable home piano studio is located in Kew Gardens, Queens, New York, U.S.A, (near Richmond Hill).  718-702-5262 cell;

718-441-9159 home

Not only do Judy Watson's piano students come to her from the Kew Garden's neighborhood, they also travel to her from other neighborhoods like: Richmond Hill, South Ozone Park, Forest Hills, Middle Village, Jamaica, Flushing, College Point, Briarwood, Bayside, Floral Park, Brooklyn, and parts of Long Island.  

Judy Watson teaches children as young as three years old. She encourages the parent to share the piano lesson with their young child. 

Judy Watson provides interactive musical media during the piano lesson that can keep a young child motivated for the one hour piano lesson.

Judy Watson's speciality is teaching piano to children and young adults

She welcomes adults who want to learn to play piano too. Now, adults have the opportunity to learn piano or return to piano lessons. It is never too late to learn piano.  This is an opportunity for adults since she charges the same fee for children and adults.

Judy Watson guides her students through all aspects of reading and playing piano. 

She encourages parents to seize an opportunity to learn piano with their young child. 

Call Judy Watson at 718-702-5262 Cell or 718-441-9159 to Schedule a Private piano Lesson Today. 

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Photos taken of you are a gift from Judy Watson.

Motivating positive posters to reinforce your musical expression are a gift from Judy Watson.

Non-competitive June piano recital is free from Judy Watson.

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